The garlic therapy

This ancient recipe, that is challenged between the Ayurvedic and the Tibetan medicine, it is a powerfull reinvigorating for the organism: it cures any problem of gastrointestinal tract, arterial hypertension bronchopulmonary disorders, makes the blood free from fat, It improves the basal metabolism and strengthens the sight, it reduces the body weight, make the mind clear and increases the sexuality.


  • 300 g of peeled Dimarino’s red garlic
  • 150 g of alcol 90°



Garlic must be cut into small pieces and crushed in a mortar. After must be placed in an airtight vessel with the addition of the alcol and kept cool for 10 days. After this time the mixture should be filtered and allowed to stand still for 2 days. Then it must be put into a dropper and swallowed taking the following conditions for 12 days putting the drops into 50 g of milk:

The therapy may end here or wanting to continue until exhaustion of the product must be taken 3 times a day always 25 drops. A the end of the therapy is not recommended to repeat it before 5 years.

We thank Mrs. Annamaria for giving us this recipe.